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Work package 7: Dissemination and demonstration

Participants: SCK CEN (lead), All partners

The objective is to showcase the activities of the project at all stakeholder levels, and to organize demonstration activities in order to raise awareness on the project’s accomplishments with the purpose of having EU MS include or develop plans to include the derived training curriculum and foreground knowledge.


The dissemination of knowledge will involve different activities aiming to raise as much awareness of the European CBRN network as possible. The process will involve three different types of dissemination:

Activity 7.1

Promotion of the network and its web based platform to the possible users;

Activity 7.2

Promotion of the project’s progress among CBRN Training Centres and to all stakeholders;

Activity 7.3

Promotion of the project results, such as effective practices, lessons learnt from the joint activities that will serve as show cases, opportunities for harmonisation, standardisation, the plan to pool resources.

This work package will also design, develop and deploy a full scale exercise for demonstrations purposes and convene and relevant parties, e.g., Commission Services Representatives, CBRN community, practitioners and policy makers.

Activity 7.4

Small scale targeted demonstration activities

Activity 7.5

Full scale demonstration activities


  • 7.1. Brochure

  • 7.2. Brochure

  • 7.3. Brochure

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