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Work package 5: Strenghtening of harmonised curriculum

Participants: RIVM (lead), TNO, SCK CEN, ECBRNE, EODHu

The objective is to gain insight in materials’ strengths and weaknesses,

and to produce improved training programmes and materials.


Activity 5.1 Assessment of curriculum, materials and guideline’s strengths and weaknesses

Based on the experiences gained during the deployment of the training programme and its materials in WP4, as well as the evaluation thereof (described in deliverable 4.1), an analysis will be made of strengths and weaknesses of the products created in WP3. Achievement of learning objectives will be taken into account when further strengthening the curriculum as well. The fulfilment of the identified practitioners’ needs (described in deliverable 2.2) will also again be assessed, considered and integrated in the recommendations and conclusions.

Activity 5.2 Strengthening of training programme, materials and training guideline

The conclusions of the analysis made in activity 5.1 will be used to strengthen the harmonised training materials and the curriculum as a whole, to better match needs, wishes and expectations of CBRN first responders. This will lead to an improved and validated training curriculum and an updated training guideline.


  • 5.1. Brief on evaluation and quality analysis

  • 5.2. Updated harmonised training materials

  • 5.3. Updated training guideline

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