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The project's success relies on the involvement and active participation of European professionals, including policy makers, emergency planners, practitioners, other EC funded research projects and CBRN training facilities.

Melody team

These institutes support the MELODY project. 

  • MELODY (2021) - Participant


    SCK CEN is one of the largest research institutions in Belgium. Every day, more than 850 employees dedicate themselves to developing peaceful applications of radioactivity. Our developments have already resulted in a long list of innovative and forward-looking applications for the medical world, industry and the energy sector. We are renowned for our expertise world-wide. SCK CEN collaborates with numerous research partners both at home and abroad. The work performed by SCK CEN has a direct effect upon various aspects of our daily life. Besides our work as a research centre, we also organise training courses and offer specialist services including consultancy.

    Work package leader: WP1 & WP7

    Official website

  • eCBRNE


    The European CBRNE center is a part of Umeå University and a node for the expert partners in Umeå from the University, the Swedish Defence Research Agency (FOI), the Swedish Armed Forces CBRN centre, the University hospital among others. The partners in the centre will contribute with pedagogical, evaluation and of course CBRN expertise to the project. The centre has quite some experience from different EU-projects in the CBRNE area and are presently coordinating project CELECTIVE (ISF-P) which will be used as one starting point.

    Work package leader: WP4 & WP6

  • MELODY (2021) - Participant


    The Dutch National Institute for Public Health and the Environment (RIVM) has an important response function in the fields of Infectious disease control, environmental control and CBRN incidents and disasters. In the fields of response and resilience against CBR agents, RIVM’s remit is to modernize, gather, generate and integrate knowledge and make it usable in the public domain. The RIVM has a long history in onsite assessment of environmental incidents. When large-scale CBRN incidents occur, the RIVM can provide onsite sampling teams, onsite mobile laboratories (C, B and R) and back office teams to assess local situations.

    Work package leader: WP3 & WP5

    Official website

  • MELODY (2021) - Participant


    TNO - is a not-for-profit independent applied R&D organization in The Netherlands. Within TNO Defense, Safety and Security the CBRN Protection is dealing with many aspects (threat analysis, detection and analysis, protection, medical countermeasures, hazard management and the system-as-a-whole) of CBRN-E defence and counterterrorism. Through its relationship with Netherlands MoD’s CBRN National Training Centre TNO is increasingly involved in CBRN training both in the civilian counterterrorism context as well as the CBRN defence context.

    Work package leader: WP2

    Official website

  • MELODY (2021) - Participant

    Campus Vesta (CV)

    Campus Vesta is an institution for education and research, providing education and training for all actors dealing with public safety & security and emergency management. Campus Vesta provides: regular and mandatory training for all ranks of fire fighters, policemen and ambulance personnel; refresher courses and specialized training for active policemen, fire fighters and ambulance personnel;training courses for companies and local communities and two postgraduate programs in cooperation with the University of Antwerp: disaster management and advisor hazardous materials.

    Official website

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    EODHu - Rapid Response and Special Police Service

    EODHu - The Rapid Response and Special Police Services (RRSPS) was established in 1957 and has more than 6500 employees. Competency in the whole territory of Hungary. Structure: Law Enforcement Directorate (riot control tasks, public order tasks, public security, traffic safety, international missions, transportation of convicted criminals, training and further education for police students).

  • MELODY (2021) - Participant

    University of Rome Tor Vergata

    The University of Rome “Tor Vergata” was established in 1982: it is therefore a relatively young University. It was designed on the model of Anglo-Saxon campuses: it stretches on 600 hectares and hosts important research institutions, such as CNR and the Italian Space Agency – ASI, ENEA, ESA-ESRIN, the National Institute of Astrophysics, Monte Porzio Catone Observatory and the National Institute of Nuclear Physics. Right from the start their presence has contributed to turning “Tor Vergata” into a dynamic research pole.

    Official website

  • MELODY (2021) - Participant ISEM


    ISEMI - was established in July 2014 and its main objective is to implement the European Union's policy and strategy in the areas of international and internal security and emergency management (civil protection, fire and rescue, environmental protection and public health). ISEMI has all necessary technical, organisational and personal capacities as well as a wide international pool of experts (former or active police officers, soldiers, fire fighters, security experts) with necessary security clearance and relevant experiences in crime prevention, fight against organize crime, CBRN-E threats and terrorism.

    Official website

  • MELODY (2021) - Participant


    The University of Lodz is one of the leading institutions of higher education in Poland. Experts from the faculty are experts in various biological threats and cooperate with law enforcements institutions in various initiatives. Faculty of Biology and Environmental Protection has experience in working with cooperation with large number of military and law enforcements institutions representing CBRN aspects (such as Bureau of Anti-Terrorist Operations of the National Police Headquarters, Military Institute of Hygiene and Epidemiology, Military Institute of Chemistry and Radiometry, Military Technical Academy, Police Academy in Szczytno).

    More information

  • MELODY (2021) - Participant


    ESTWFi - Emergency Services Training Centre of Western Finland offers a facility to practice rescue skills in realistic conditions simulating actual accident, rescue and environmental threat situations.

    Official website

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