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The main objective of the MELODY project is to define, develop and deploy a harmonised CBRN training curriculum for first responders and medical staff, including ambulance drivers, paramedics and emergency room (ER) personnel. The target group includes members of agencies that are responsible for dealing with emergencies, being unintentional or intentional releases of CBRN, which require immediate action. The training curriculum should provide a clear picture of the possible consequences and effects and how to act together in a safe and effective and efficient way.

Under Grant N°: 814803
DG Migration and Home Affairs

  • MELODY (2021) - Work package

    First phase: Inventory

    In the first phase of the project an inventory will take place on the needs of the different first responders and the availability of CBRN training curricula, materials and initiatives that are available within Europa. Based on this analysis possible gaps will appear.

  • MELODY (2021) - Work package

    Second phase: Development of training modules

    The second phase consists of updating and/or developing training modules to fill these gaps, which were identified in the first phase.

  • MELODY (2021) - Homepage

    Third phase: Evaluation of modules

    These modules will be tested in the third phase of the project. First responders of different organisations and countries will be invited to test and evaluate these training modules. The feedback will be used to update the final end product: an improved, harmonised CBRN training curriculum

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To cope with the limited time first responders have for their training and education, as well as the probable low amount of CBRN events first responders will face, a card game was developed, that will serve as an enchiridion, glossary and knowledge back-up, to repeat by an approachable playful manner what has been taught. This card game can be played any time, any place. The game is questions based and can be played with a small group, in teams, or even individually. The game is available in multiple languages and can be purchased through the MELODY consortium.

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  • 15-

    Train-the-trainer course on the MELODY Basic CBRN training curriculum

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  • 19-

    “Hands-on" Train the Trainer course on the MELODY curriculum

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