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MELODY stakeholder meeting

In the first phase of the MELODY project the needs of different stakeholders in the area of CBRN training will be gathered and analysed. During this meeting we would like to gather input and combine it with the results that are already generated by gathering information on several national levels. The new outcome we would like to share with you and discuss in an open setting. Besides we would like to inform you about the planning of the MELODY project and the possibilities to stay involved as stake-holder on the different levels.

MELODY (2021) - Event

Campus Vesta
Oostmalsesteenweg 75
2520 Ranst (Belgium)


Goal of this meeting:

  • Inventory and verification of identified needs on CBRN training for first responders
  • Inform stakeholders about the MELODY project


Policy makers, emergency planners, national crisis centra, senior authorities.


Introduction MELODY project

Phase 1 MELODY project

  • Inventory needs and verification current results
  • Present supply within EU
  • Discussion identified needs and supply
  • Preview towards GAPS en training modules

Tour of the Antwerp Police, fire and ambulance training facility: Campus Vesta



The project can reimburse travel (economy class airfare) and hotel expenses. A shuttle departing from Brussels Airport to the hotel has been organized for June 25 at 19.30 h

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