General objective

The general objective of this project is to design, develop, test, improve and quality assure a harmonised CBRN training curriculum for (CBRN) first responders and medical staff, taking into consideration: what training programmes, curricula and materials already exist, what is being used and valued by training institutes in Europe, practitioner’s needs and possible cultural differences.

Since first responders’ needs are actively inventoried in several phases of the project and their input is taken into account in developing and improving the curriculum envisaged by the project team, it is expected that the final CBRN training curriculum will reflect existing needs and match current wishes of practitioners in the field. The training curriculum could therefore be used directly by those practitioners who are interested in learning more about CBRN first response. The curriculum may be easily adopted and deployed in all EU Member States, who can, with minor efforts, tailor it even further should they have any additional, specific needs. Harmonisation of CBRN first response will contribute to a better, and possibly closer, cooperation in case of an incident. This is essential since CBRN incidents may quickly have cross-border effects. The training curriculum aspires to contribute to this.